Needmor Digby

Needmor Digby (P)
DOB: 7/09/15
SIRE: Yaralla Kempsey
DAM: Needmor 412

Purchased at the 2017 DN. Sale for $20000. Digby at 24 mths boasted a weight of 928kg, EMA: 137, P8/RIB: 11/8, Milk Tooth, SC: 43 cms. PP97%, Semen: 85%.

Length, beautiful polled head, excellent nature, tropical skin, tidy and full bodied, a beautiful red we could not let pass. 23/07/19 paddock weight 1022kgs.

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Bryvonlea PipporBryvonlea Pippor
For Sale Cream of the Crop 2019
Lot 27

Taylors Arm $2000

Bryvonlea Daneena
Bryvonlea Daneena
Sire: Needmor Digby
Dam: Bryvonlea Danni
Sold at the DNF Sale 2021
$3500 to D Trask
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