2012 Droughtmaster National Bull Sale Review

LOTS 420 to 425 (Landmark)

LOTS 503 to 506 (Elders)

Gracemere, 12 th September, 2012 (Day 2)

100% Clearance to average $8555.55

Selling from $2500 to $17000

By Heck They're Good and Affordable

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Bryvonlea Malachi

Bryvonlea Malachi - Lot 420 - Day 2
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Sold to Nindethana Pastoral $17000.00

LOT 420

DOB: 20/09/10 (23mths at sale)

SIRE: Mungalla Tyrell

DAM: Bryvonlea Susanne

Weight: 867 kgs 4/09/12

EMA: 136 - P8/Rib: 11/9
SC: 41.5 - Semen 80%

Sire: Mungalla Tyrell - A son of Hamadra Cody purchased at the MAGS Sale in 2009 died in Sept 2010. He produced 30 calves, 6 potential sale bulls and 10 retained heifers. Malachi is his first son to be offered.

Dam: Bryvonlea Susanne - A Glenlands D Jet Set daughter out of a Billabong Jackson dam. Malachi was her first calf born 20/09/10 and she has since had a very attractive female born 1/11/11. Susanne was a successful show heifer taking out the Reserve Champion Heifer at the 2009 Gympie Show. Her Dam Bryvonlea Susie is 8 yrs old and has produced 6 calves. Susie's Dam Glenlands D 01/35 is nearing 12 years and has produced 10 calves she is a G'daughter of Cungelella Aura the GG dam of Glenlands Prince the Interbreed Champion at Beef 2012.

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Lot 421



Sold to K & G Scott





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LOT 422

Bryvonlea Lipton 2 (P)

DOB: 3/06/10 (27 mths)

EMA: 125 - P8/Rib: 13/11
SC: 36 - Semen 75%
Weight: 798 kgs (04/09/12)

SIRE: Billabong Riley

DAM: Minlacowie Tanya 5286 was purchased in 2007 her Dam produced Minlacowie Hannibal sold to Rondel Dm. Tanya is 7 years old she has produced Minnie 21/04/07 (Retained), 3/08/08 Kieran sold to Inniskillen Past. $6000, 17/07/09 Lindley (Paddock Sale Bull), 3/06/10 Lipton 2, 4/06/11 Minette (F Retained) 10/05/12 (F).


Bryvonlea Malteze
Bryvonlea Malteze
LOT 423

Packed with potential and pedigree

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Sold to A Finger, Almafi DM $10000.00

LOT 423

Bryvonlea Malteze (P)

DOB: 28/08/10 (24.5 mths)

EMA: 132 - P8/Rib: 11/9
SC: 37 - Semen 85% - Milk Tooth
Weight: 760 kgs 05/09/12

SIRE: Glenlands D Jet Set

DAM: Bryvonlea Rose Maree

SIRE: Glenlands D Jet Set - Purchased in 2005 for $28000 for his impressive weight for age with an EMA of 136 at 20mths he has produced 30 sale bulls to an average of $4875 topping @ $11000 for Israel, other sons include Bryvonlea Lincoln sold to Cedar View Droughtmasters for $10000, Bryvonlea Laurie to Talgai Droughtmasters for $9500 and Bryvonlea Jupiter the 2010 top priced FAB bull at $6000. He has produced a very consistent line of females for us including the RNA Champion Droughtmaster Female Bryvonlea Princess Mary and the Top Priced Cream Of the Crop Female Bryvonlea Fancy Tim Tam and Dam of Bryvonlea Malachi, Bryvonlea Susanne.

DAM: Bryvonlea Rose Maree is a 7 year old daughter of Billabong Jackson and Bryvonlea The Rose a Glenlands Elway daughter. Rose-Maree has produced 5 calves. 28/05/08, Rosalie, 10/08/09, Leon a D&G sale Bull, 28/08/10 Malteze, 3/09/11, Network, 2/08/12 another bull calf. A lovely long red cow.

Bryvonlea Mancini

Bryvonlea Mancini
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Sold to NP Dudarko, Biloela $15000.00

LOT 424

Bryvonlea Mancini (P)

DOB: 27/09/10 (23.5 mths)

Weight: 823 kgs 04/09/08

EMA: 124 - P8/Rib: 12/11
SC: 44 - Semen 75% - Milk Tooth

SIRE: Billabong Riley

DAM: Bryvonlea Katie 2 - A Billabong Jackson / Coolalinga Kate 6 daughter, a successful show heifer (placed 1st @the 2006 Gympie Feature Show). Katie 2 is 8 years old she has had 6 calves including the broad ribbon winning heifer Katie Scarlett, 1 cull heifer injured, 2 retained heifers, Mancini and a very promising young bull calf by Vale View Ripper.

Coolalinga Kate 6
produced 10 calves in her lifetime of 12 years. 4 sale bulls averaged $7000 (Bryvonlea By Heck $4000, Cavalier $10,000, Elliott $4000 & In Focus $9000 topped the Sth Burnett Bull Sale in 2009.


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Bryvonlea Lynx

Bryvonlea Lynx
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Sold to Parry, Embrey-Parry, Blue Mountain $4000.00

LOT 425

Bryvonlea Lynx (H)

DOB: 4/06/10

Weight: 703 kgs (04/09/12)

EMA: 115 - P8/Rib: 9/8
SC: 37 - Semen 75%

SIRE: Billabong Riley

DAM: Billabong Romano was purchased in 2008 a Billabong Popeye / Billabong Bingo daughter is not yet 6 and has had 4 calves. 4/02/09 steer, 4/06/10 Lynx, 17/06/11 Millionaire 2, 4/06/12 Romah (F).


Bryvonlea Lancelot

Bryvonlea Lancelot - Lot 503
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LOT 503

Bryvonlea Lancelot (S)

DOB: 9/10/09

Weight: 964 kgs 04/09/12

EMA: 134 - P8/Rib: 14/12
SC: 41 - Semen 75%

SIRE: Billabong Riley

DAM: Bryvonlea Patience

We highly regard this young sire and have lightly used him, 1st calf arrived 30/08 see his page for early photo will post more when available. He is a very easy doing bull with loads of character, (loves posing), sire appeal, tidy underneath with great shape and skin. He is very correct and I think "By Heck he's better than good" and look forward to your comments.

DAM: Bryvonlea Patience is a Glenlands D Jet Set daughter from Bryvonlea Patsy a Billabong Jackson/Bryvonlea Pet daughter that I regretable have no photo of as she was a stunner. .Bryvonlea Lancelot is Patience' 1st calf born at 26mths, she died in 2010 subsequent to 3 day fever. Her dam Patsy is now 8 yrs old and has had 7 calves born 18/08/06, 26/07/07, 18/10/08, 31/08/09, 9/07/10, 23/05/11, 23/05/12. A very attractive consistent breeding female going back to Coolalinga Pet
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Bryvonlea Montezuma

Bryvonlea Montezuma - Lot 504
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LOT 504

Bryvonlea Montezuma (S)

DOB: 9/10/10

Weight: 762 kgs 04/09/12

EMA: 125 - P8/Rib: 10/8
SC: 37.5 - Semen 80%

SIRE: Billabong Riley

DAM: Billabong Norina

A Clonlara 99110 / Billabong Jazzy female was purchased for $3000 in 2006. Norina is 7 years old and has produced 5 calves. 14/02/07 Insync sold to G Thompson $3000, 9/06/08 Jaffa sold to M Worgan $6000, 24/10/09 steer, 9/10/10 Montezuma, 7/09/11 Nortellus and she is due August. A lovely natured and reliable female producing heavy calves.


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Bryvonlea Montezuma's Page

Bryvonlea Mundee

Bryvonlea Mundee
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LOT 505

Bryvonlea Mundee

DOB: 17/09/10

EMA: 125 - P8/Rib: 14/13
SC: 43 - Semen 75%
Weight: 785kgs 04/09/12

SIRE: Billabong Riley

DAM: Bryvonlea Dee Dee

Dee Dee is a 10 yr old daughter of Bryvonlea Ambassador (Billabong Ramses) & Bryvonlea Dee. She has produced 9 calves. 20/09/04, heifer sold to J Hall, 14/10/05, heifer sold D&G, 29/08/06, heifer sold to Joppa DM, 11/09/07, heifer retained, 13/08/08, heifer retained, 30/10/09 heifer sold Tara DM, 17/09/10 Mundee, 2/09/11 weaned heifer, 30/08/12 bull calf by Bryvonlea Lancelot. A very fertile female producing heavy weaners.


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Bryvonlea Lionking

Bryvonlea Lionking
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LOT 506

Bryvonlea Lionking

DOB: 6/03/10

Weight: 826 kgs 19/08/12

EMA: 125 - P8/Rib: 10/8
SC: 38.5 - Semen 70%

SIRE: Billabong Riley

DAM: Bryvonlea Huntress
(11 yrs)
Huntress has had 8 calves, 30/08/04 heifer retained, 26/09/05 heifer retained, 12/08/06 male died, 15/07/07 steer, 14/08/08 heifer sold to Wundaburra, 6/03/10 Lionking, 14/01/11 heifer culled, 2/12/11 heifer recently weaned.






Mustering 2011

Our stock are handled by Bike, ATV, Dogs, on foot and occasionally mustered by Horse.

Weaners spend around 6 weeks at home with training through the yards and with the dog befor going out onto the Glastonbury Hills to grow out. The only assistance during this time is a dry lick through winter if required.

Prepared for sale on improved pasture with the assistance of Riverina Feed Supplement.

They have been vaccinated for 3 Germ, Tick Fever, 7 in 1, 3 Day Fever and Pestigard.



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