LOTS 44 & 45

Emerald, Tuesday, 23rd October, 2012

2 Unjoined Females Sold

Bryvonlea Valora
Bryvonlea Valora - LOT 44 - DOB: 08/09/11

Bryvonlea Valora

SIRE: Billabong Riley was purchased for $15000, the 2nd top priced sire at the 2008 Billabong Sale. At 24mths Riley weighed 873kgs, Scrotal Circumference 38. Both his Sire and Dam have produced consistent high quality progeny. Riley is a long, correct, powerfull bull who is doing an exceptional job for the stud, producing progeny with storng toplines, tidy underneath with good bone and skin. At the 2012 Feb All Breeds Bryvonlea Lockyer sold to Redskin DM and at the recent DN. bull sale Riley sons topped at $15000 twice and his 7 sons offered averaged $7142.00. The first of his females offered at the DN Female Sale topped the sale and the sale average. His first drop of heifers that the stud retained have calved out with ease and lovely udders.

DAM: Pine Valley 2459 (18/05/04) is an 8 year old daughter of Jaybees Kellogs. Val, as we call her, is a stylish, sleek coated matron that has been a consistent breeder producing quality calves. 7 Calves - 26/08/06 (bull sold @ D&G 08 sale), 10/09/07 (Johno sold to I Loader), 28/10/08 (heifer culled due to 3 Day), 22/12/09 Valerie sold to M & D Worgan, 25/10/10 Female retained, 8/09/11 Valora, 20/09/12 bull calf at foot.

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Minlacowie Tanya
Dam of Lot 45 Minlacowie Tanya 5286
Bryvonlea Valerie
Bryvonlea Valerie
Full Sister to Lot 44
Sold to M&D Worgan $2500

Bryvonlea Willow
Bryvonlea Willow
Retained Full Sister to Lot 44

Bryvonlea Minette
Bryvonlea Minette (P) - LOT 45 - DOB: 04/06/11

Bryvonlea Minette

SIRE: Billabong Riley - see notes above.

DAM: Minlacowie Tanya 5286 (P) (16/02/05) a daughter of Minlacowie Cairo is 7yrs and 8 mths old and has had six calves. 21/04/07, 3/08/08, 17/07/09, 3/06/10, 4/06/11, 10/05/12. Three heifers:- 2 Retained and Minette - Three Bulls:- 1 sold in the paddock, Kieran sold at DN. 10 for $6000 and Lipton 2 sold at DN. 12 for $5500. Tanya is a fertile, high producing matron that consistently delivers quality progeny.


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Mustering 2011

Our stock are handled by Bike and Dogs

Weaner heifers spend around 6 weeks at home with training through the yards and with the dog befor going out to Jackass Creek @ Kybong to grow out.

Prepared for sale on improved pasture with the assistance of Riverina Feed Supplement.

They have been vaccinated with
3 Germ, 7 in 1 and Pestigard.



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