DOB 9/10/09

SIRE: Billaong Riley
DAM: Bryvonlea Patience

Weight: 964 kgs 04/09/12

EMA: 134 - P8/Rib: 14/12
SC: 41 - Semen 75%

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Bryvonlea Lancelot
Bryvonlea Lancelot Photo taken 30/08/12

Bryvonlea Lancelot was lightly used at the end of 2012. He was sold at the DN 2013 to Scrubby Mountain Grazing for $15000.

SIRE: Billabong Riley is an impressive sire, very long, strong topline with excellent structure and feet. He is depastured at the Golden Hills property a steep, rocky scrub block and he hasn't put a foot wrong. A very easy doing, easy care bull. 3 of his female progeny topped and topped the average at the 2012 Droughtmaster National Female Sale. We are very impressed with his daughters style and udder conformation. His sons have topped the Feb All Breeds and the Sth Burnett Droughtmaster Bull Sales

DAM: Bryvonlea Patience is a Glenlands D Jet Set daughter from Bryvonlea Patsy a Billabong Jackson/Bryvonlea Pet daughter.Bryvonlea Lancelot is Patience' 1st calf born at 26mths, she died in 2010 (3 day fever). Her dam Patsy is now 8 yrs old and has had 7 calves born 18/08/06, 26/07/07, 18/10/08, 31/08/09, 9/07/10, 23/05/11, 23/05/12. A very attractive consistent breeding female going back to Coolalinga Pet who has left us with a great legacy of females.

3 bulls sold at the 2015 Feb All Breeds Bull Sale for Average of $5500 including the top price droughtmaster bull and the equal top priced bull for day 2 of the all breeds, Bryvonlea Old Red, $8500 to Richard and Adele Acton, Ambleside Droughtmasters.

Bryvonlea Lancelot
Bryvonlea Lancelot

Bryvonlea Orrin
Bryvonlea Orrin
Sire: Bryvonlea Lancelot
Dam: Billabong Norina
placed 1st in class at Mary Valley Show
Sold @ DN 2014 $3000 Rutland Grazing

Bryvonlea Old Red
Bryvonlea Old Red
Lot 305 Feb All Breeds 2015
Sold to R & A Acton, Ambleside DM
$8500 the top price droughty
Sire: Bryvonlea Lancelot
Dam: Bryvonlea Fancy Red
Bryvonlea Orlando
Bryvonlea Orlando
Lot 304 Feb All Breeds 2015
Sold $4500
Sire: Bryvonlea Lancelot
Dam: Bryvonlea Molly
Bryvonlea Lancelot
Bryvonlea Lancelot (the Poser)
Bryvonlea Patsy
Bryvonlea Patsy - Billabong Jackson/Bryvonlea Pet
Lancelot's G'dam
Females in the Family Tree

Bryvonlea Petra
Bryvonlea Petra
Billabong Jackson / Bryvonlea Peta
(Wingfield Rocket)

Bryvonlea Petite
Bryvonlea Petite - Bryvonlea Ambassador/Coolalinga Pet


Bryvonlea Petrina
Bryvonlea Petrina - Billabong Jackson/Bryvonlea Petite

Bryvonlea Pippey
Bryvonlea Pippey - Billabong Riley / Bryvonlea Pippa
(Wingfield Rocket/Bryvonea Pepsie)

Bryvonlea Peta 2
Bryvonlea Peta 2
Billabong Riley / Bryvonlea Peta


Mustering 2011

Our stock are handled by Bike, ATV, Dogs, on foot and occasionally mustered by Horse.

Weaners spend around 6 weeks at home with training through the yards and with the dog befor going out onto the Glastonbury Hills to grow out. The only assistance during this time is a dry lick through winter.

Prepared for sale on improved pasture with the assistance of Riverina Feed Supplement.

They have been vaccinated for 3 Germ Tick Fever, 7 in 1, 3 Day Fever and Pestigard.



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