Bryvonlea Fair Girl
Sire: Billabong Riley
Dam: Fairhaven 218

Bryvonlea Fair Girl
Bryvonlea Fair Girl
2018 with bull calf at foot by Needmor Digby

Bryvonlea JBH Fair Girl
Bryvonlea JBH Fair Girl 1624
Sire: Skye Wilfred
Dam: Bryvonlea Fair Girl 810

Fairhaven 216
Fairhaven 07/216
Sire: Glenlands Hitman
Dam: Fairhaven 99/118
6 calves after purchase including 3 retained females.

Bryvonlea Fair Lass
Bryvonlea Fair Lass
Sire: Skye Wilfred
Dam: Bryvonlea Fair Girl 810
Sold at the 2017 Cream of the Crop $3000
To Major Droughtmasters
Fairhaven 012
Fairhaven 07/012

Fairhaven 07/012
Sire: Terella Legend (Billabong Heathcliffe
Dam: Fairhaven 03/99 (Wingfield Gilligan)
DOB: 19/10/16

(1) 28/02/10 Calf taken by dingoe
(2) 20/02/11 (M) (BR) Magnus sold at 2013 FAB $4000 to Nugents
(3) 28/03/12 (F) (VVR) Fairza
(4) 6/03/13 (F) (VVR)
(5) 8/07/14 (F) (MQ)
(6) 5/07/15 (F) (MQ)
(7) 6/07/16 (M)
(8) 17/07/17 (M) (VVR) JBH Todd for sale Bunya 2019
(9) 5/12/18 (M)

Mustering 2011

Our stock are handled by Bike, ATV, Dogs, on foot and limited exposure to Horse.

Weaners spend around 6 weeks at home with training through the yards and with the dog befor going out onto the Glastonbury Hills to grow out. The only assistance during this time is a dry lick through winter.

Prepared on the Glastonbury Hills improved pasture and because of the very dry conditions and heavy frosts this year they have had Silage with the assistance of Riverina Feed Supplement in the paddock.

They have been vaccinated for 3 Germ Tick Fever, 7 in 1, 3 Day Fever and Pestigard.

Bring Em Billy

Sale Bull Paddock
The Sale Bull Paddock - They were on the very top on the 01/08/2014
It's where the frost free pasture is so they love it up there
I'm standing at the supplement and silage gate
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