Sire: Billabong Riley
Dam: Ivanhoe 5436
Produced 6 calves prior to being cast.

Bryvonlea Ivorie 1089
Bryvonlea Ivorie 1089
Sire: Billabong Riley
Dam: Ivanhoe 5436 (Wajatryn Keg)

Bryvonlea Ivorie
DOB: 8/06/14
Sire: Billabong Riley
Dam: Ivanhoe 5436

Calving History:
(1) 25/10/16 (S)
(2) 2/06/18 (F) Ivorie 1732 - for sale 2019 Cream of the Crop Female Sale

(3) 3/08/19 (F)

Bryvonlea Ivorie
Bryvonlea Ivorie 1732 (P)
Sire: Skye Wilfred
Dam: Bryvonlea Ivorie
For Sale 2019 Cream of the Crop Lot 24


Mustering 2011

Our stock are handled by Bike, ATV, Dogs, on foot and limited exposure to Horse.

Weaners spend around 6 weeks at home with training through the yards and with the dog befor going out onto the Glastonbury Hills to grow out. The only assistance during this time is a dry lick through winter.

Prepared on the Glastonbury Hills improved pasture and because of the very dry conditions and heavy frosts this year they have had Silage with the assistance of Riverina Feed Supplement in the paddock.

They have been vaccinated for 3 Germ Tick Fever, 7 in 1, 3 Day Fever and Pestigard.

Bring Em Billy

Sale Bull Paddock
The Sale Bull Paddock - They were on the very top on the 01/08/2014
It's where the frost free pasture is so they love it up there
I'm standing at the supplement and silage gate
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