2015 Bunya Bull Sale

Coolabunia Saleyards, Kingaroy

Sat. 5th September 2015

LOTS 21 TO 25

Thank you to all buyers and underbidders for your support
We greatly appreciate your support and wish you every success with your bulls.


Bryvonlea Pindari
Bryvonlea Pindari
Lot 21

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SOLD $6000
to L Davis (repeat buyer)
Thank you

Bryvonlea Pindari (P)
LOT 21
DOB: 14/08/13

WEIGHT: 712 kgs
EMA: 123 - P8/RIB: 19/14
SC: 39 - SEMEN: 60%

SIRE: Billabong Riley: A high quality sire with a tremendous conbination of breed quality and character complementing his optimm beef and carcase attributes. He has the presence and outlook of a sire, is tidy underneath, scrotal circumference at of 38 cm. Purchased from the Billabong Stud in 2008 for $15000, the 2nd top price of the sale, Riley, has continued on where his predecessor Billabong Jackson left off producing both top quality male and female progeny. Bryvonlea Nathalie 3 a Riley daughter topped the 2012 DN. Female sale selling to River Junction. 35 sons sold to date average $5664 topping twice at $15000 for Bryvonlea Lancelot and Bryvonlea Option One selling to Huntly DM at the 2014 DN Sale. Bryvonlea Manolo topped the 2013 droughtmaster catalogue at the Feb All Breeds Sale at $8500 to Jeff Dahl and Bryvonlea Nehemiah the Mary Valley Show Champion topped the 2013 D&G Bull Sale at $10000 selling to Stuart Valley Droughtmasters. Priced from $2500 his sons represent affordable quality. His daughters are long, deep bodied with tidy underline and lovely udders.

DAM: Pine Valley 2459 was cast in 2014 @ 10 years she produced 8 calves, 08/06, 09/07, 10/08, 12/09, 10/10, 09/11, 09/12, 08/13. 3 sale bulls, 2 sale heifers, 1 retained female, 1 steer and 1 heifer culled due to 3 day. Her retained daughter Bryvonlea Willow is not yet 5 yrs (25/10/10) she has produced 3 calves, 06/13 Whitney sold to C Henness at DNF 15 for $3000, 9/05/14 (F) ret. and 6/04/15 male calf.

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Bryvonlea Panter
Bryvonlea Panther
Lot 22

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Bryvonlea Panther (P)

LOT 22
DOB: 09/09/13

WEIGHT: 682 kgs
EMA: 131 - P8/RIB: 14/14
SC: 39.5 - Semen: 60%

SIRE: Billabong Riley

DAM: Bryvonlea Signet a Billabong Jackson daughter, she has had 3 calves including 2 retained females. Her dam Glenlands D 01/35 had 11 calves befor being cast including the $10,000 Nehemiah, 4 retained daughters, 2 sale heifers and 3 other sale bulls.

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SOLD $5500
To L Davis
Thank you

Bryvonlea Palaton
Bryvonlea Palaton
Lot 23


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SOLD $5500
To TJ Barbella
Thank you

Bryvonlea Palaton (P)

LOT 23
DOB: 12/08/13

WEIGHT: 701kgs
EMA: 125 - P8/RIB: 16/12
SC: 34.5 - SEMEN: 65%

SIRE: Vale View Ripper sired by VV Playboy out of a Talgai 832 daughter, Ripper was a very successful show bull winning the Snr Champ Bull at the Sydney Royal; Res Jnr Champ at 2009 Ekka; 2nd in class at Beef 2009; Champion Bull Calf at the Gatton Futurity 2009 and 1st Bull 24th and under 30 mths at 2010 Ekka. Purchased at the Droughtmaster National Sale for $11,500 at 29 mths EMA 124, Weight 924kgs, 14/9 Fat Scan with EBV's of +13m +23m +33 + 7 - Top 15% of 600 Day Breedplan weight. Excellent Temperament showing in his progeny along with beautiful polled heads and carcase traits. A bull with length, stature and beautiful skin type and plenty of it. Ripper's first offering of females at the 2013 DN. Female Sale broke the record books with Jemma 2 selling to P Richardson for $18000 as well as the entire team for a record average of $12000. 21 of his Bryvonlea Sons have sold to date for an average $5560 to top at $17000 (Bryvonlea Nimrod sold to Hamadra DM at the 2014 DN Sale)

DAM: Bryvonlea Indias a 4yr old Mungalla Tyrell daughter out of a Billabong Jackson, Medway India female who has had 6 calves, 07/08 Kingsley sold to Monte Cassino $4000, 09/09 F (Ret), 10/10 Indias, 09/11 Next Genesis sold $3500, 08/12 Oisin, 04/13 died, 06/14 F (Ret). Indias has had 2 calves.

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Plus One
Bryvonlea Plus One (P)
Lot 24


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Bryvonlea Plus One (P)

LOT 24
DOB: 8/11/13

WEIGHT: 644kgs
EMA: 133 - P8/RIB: 14/14
SC: 33 - Semen: 70%

SIRE: Vale View Ripper (see notes Lot 70)

DAM: Bryvonlea Gracey a Billabong Riley daughter out of the very fertile Billabong Jackson female, Bryvonlea Grace. Gracey is 5 years old she has had 3 calves 9/11/12, 8/11/13, 21/10/14. Her dam Grace had 8 calves in 7 years including 3 retained heifers, 1 female sold DNF 09 $3500, Jeffrey sold $5000 to M Bardon, Kramer sold DN2011 $6000 to S & S Apel, Majid sold D& G 2013 $5000 to J & A Kazakoff.

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SOLD $7000
To Kengoon Droughtmasters
Thank you

Bryvonlea Oxley
Bryvonlea Oxley
Lot 25


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Bryvonlea Oxley (P)

LOT 25
DOB: 19/06/13

WEIGHT: 764kgs
EMA: 133 - P8/RIB: 15/14
SC: 36.5 - Semen: 75%

SIRE: Vale View Ripper

DAM: Bryvonlea Princess 2 an outstanding Billabong Jackson daughter out of Haigslea 17/4. Princess is 11years old (DOB 18/01/04) she has produced 10 calves 08/06, 07/07, 10/08, 09/09, 10/10, 09/11, 07/12, 06/13, 07/14, 07/15, including the RNA 2010 Droughtmaster Champion Female, Princess Mary, 2 steers, Lawson sold to Kurrajong $5000, Memphis sold to Trott Family $3000, retained female, Oriental Prince sold to P Maloney, Oxley, weaned male and another excellent bull calf at foot.

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SOLD $6000
To G Blowers
Thank you

Vale View Ripper
Vale View Ripper

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Billabong Riley
Billabong Riley
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Glenlands D Jet Set
Glenlands D Jet Set

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Billabong Jackson
Billbong Jackson

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Mustering 2011

Our stock are handled by Bike, ATV, Dogs and on foot

Weaners spend around 6 weeks at home with training through the yards and with the dog befor going out onto the Glastonbury Hills to grow out. The only assistance during this time is a dry lick through winter if required.

Prepared for sale on improved pasture with the assistance of Riverina Feed Supplement.
The sale team is prepared in the paddock at Glastonbury ensuring they continue to graze and walk to water and if they look like they are going to be ready early we will even put them on the hill pasture.

Every effort is made to present you a finished product that will perform to their best.

They have been vaccinated for 3 Germ, Tick Fever, 7 in 1, 3 Day Fever
Tested Neg for Pestivirus

We do not trim feet

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