2013 D & G South Burnett Bull Sale

Bryvonlea Sold 8 as Lots 42 to 49
Please Note Lot 50 was withdrawn

Bryvonlea Nehemiah tops the Sale
Congratulations to Vince & Howard Knopke, Stuart Valley Droughtmasters.

8 bulls average $5218.75 (Top sale average)

Thank you to all purchasers, repeat and new, we wish you well with your bulls
Thank you to all underbidders and bidders
Your support is greatly appreciated

Coolabunia Saleyards, Kingaroy

7th September 2013

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Bryvonlea Nehemiah
Bryvonlea Nehemiah paraded by Tennille
Grand Champion Tropical Breed @ Mary Valley Show 2013
A beautifully balanced bull, tidy, correct, loads of beef and breed character,
great bloodlines and easy temperament, Nehemiah is worthy of serious inspection.

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Bryvonlea Nehemiah (S)
LOT 42

DOB: 14/09/11 (23 mths)

Weight: 825 Kgs - Avg Daily Wt Gain 1.1 kgs/day
EMA: 133 - P8 15 - RIB: 13
Scrotal Circ: 40cm Semen:80 % Teeth: 0

SIRE: SIRE: Billabong Riley made his mark in 2012 being the sire of the top priced female $5750 and top average for sale heifers at the National Female Sale while at the 2012 Droughtmaster National Bull Sale 7 sons sold to $15000 twice to average $7142. At 2013 Feb All Breeds Sale Manolo topped the DM bull section at $8500. To date 17 sale bulls have sold to an average of $5750. He is a very fertile bull, sound in structure and carries a big weight in working condition. We have used sons in our herd and are very happy with the results. We purchased B. Riley in 2008 at the annual Billabong Sale for $15000 he was the 2nd top priced bull of the sale.

Dam: Glenlands D 01/35
A 13 year old daughter of Cungelella Golden Eye, 01/35 has produced 10 calves 01/03, 06/04, 07/05, 09/06, 09/07, 09/08, 07/09, 09/10, 09/11, 09/12, Ezekiel sold $5100, Impressive sold $2000, 1 steer, 2 sale heifers, 4 retained heifers and Nehemiah.
Her grandaughter produced the $17000 and Gympie Show Interbreed 2012 champion Bryvonlea Malachi sold to Nindethana Pastoral.

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SOLD TO V., ME & H Knopke
Stuart Valley Droughtmasters
Top Sale Price

Bryvonlea Nickel
Bryvonlea Nickel - Lot 43
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Jeff & Sue Trott $7000
2nd top price

Bryvonlea Nickel (P)
LOT 43

DOB: 15/09/11 (23mths)

Weight: 753 kgs - Avg Daily Wt Gain 1.01 kg/day
EMA: 134 - P8: 11 - RIB: 10
Scrotal Circ: 38.5cm - Semen:70 % - Teeth: 0

SIRE: Vale View Ripper sired by VV Playboy out of a Talgai 832 daughter. A very successful show bull winning the Snr Champ at the Sydney Royal; Res Jnr Champ at 2009 Ekka; 2nd in class at Beef 2009; Champion Bull Calf at the Gatton Futurity 2009 and 1st Bull 24 and under 30 mths at 2010 Ekka.
Purchased at the National Droughtmaster Sale for $11,500 at 29 mths EMA 124, Weight 924kgs, 14/9 Fat Scan with EBV's of +13m +23m +33 + 7.
A very deep, long, fleshy bull with a beautiful temperament. A bull with great eye appeal and breed character that we look for soft, easy doing, structurally sound with great skin and head.
First Offering of Vale View Ripper females broke the DN Female Sale Records with Bryvonlea Jemma 2 topping the Droughtmaster National Female 2013 sale by an amazing $18000. Her team mates were not to be left out of the limelight, together they broke the Sale Average and set the bar at $12000 average. Congratulations to Preston Richardson who purchased the entire draft and many thanks to all bidders.

DAM: Glenlands D 67 a Cungelella Golden Eye daughter she has calved 08/04, 01/06, 06/07, 11/08, 10/09, 10/10, 09/11 and sold in Jan 2012. A Heifer sold to Vitwood, 1steer, 1 died, 3 heifers retained and Nickel.

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Bryvonlea Network
Bryvonlea Network

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Bryvonlea Network (P)
LOT 44

DOB: 3/09/11 (24 mths)

Weight: 671 kgs - Avg Daily Wt Gain .88 kgs/day
EMA: 127 - P8: 12 - RIB: 10
Scrotal Circ: 34.5cm Semen:70 % - Teeth: 0

SIRE: Vale View Ripper

DAM: Bryvonlea Rose-Maree a Billabong Jackson daughter she is 8 years old she has produced 6 calves 05/08 heifer retained, 08/09 Leon sold $2500 to Findlay of Gunalda, 08/09 Malteze sold DN12 for $10,000 to Almfi DM, 09/11 Network, 08/12 steer and 08/13 calf at foot.


SOLD $4250






Bryvonlea New York

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Bryvonlea New York (P)
LOT 45

DOB: 29/08/11 (24 mths)

Weight: 678 kgs - Avg Daily Wt Gain .88kgs/day
EMA: 133 - P8: 12 - RIB: 8
Scrotal Circ: 34cm Semen:70 % - Teeth: 0

SIRE: Vale View Ripper

DAM: Bryvonlea Faith a Billabong Jackson female out of Yackatoon Faith. Bryvonlea Faiths's full brother Bryvonlea Faithful was purchased by Wedgewood Pastoral for $15000 and later sold to Yagobi Droughtmasters. B. Faith is 8 years 8mths old she has produced 6 calves and is heavy again. 10/07 steer, 10/08 retained heifer, 10/09 retained heifer, 09/10 Menzies, 08/11 New York, 08/12 Old Faithful.

SOLD $3750
Lockyer Pastoral



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Bryvonlea NathanClick Here to View Pedigree

Bryvonlea Nathan (P) HB
LOT 46

DOB: 08/09/11 (23 mths)

Weight: 684 Kgs Avg Daily Wt Gain .9 kg/day
EMA: 130 - P8: 15 - RIB: 14
Scrotal Circ: 34cm Semen:70 % - Teeth: 0

SIRE: Billabong Riley

DAM: Bryvonlea Natasha by Billabong Jackson out of Rowarren Nata who produced Bryvonlea Nathalie the top priced DN. 2012 Female sold to River Junction. Natasha is 7 years old she has produced 6 calves 10/08 Kosta sold to A Haack $4250, 10/09 steer, 10/10 steer, 09/11 Nathan, 08/12 bull calf 854 and 07/13 bull calf 955. A very consistent breeder of very beefy calves.

SOLD $2500
D Findlay

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Bryvonlea Noah

Bryvonlea Noah

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SOLD $4750

Bryvonlea Noah
LOT 47

DOB: 14/08/11 (24 mths)

Weight: 759kgs - Avg Daily Wt Gain .97 kg/day
EMA: 131 - P8: 13 - RIB: 11
Scrotal Circ: 37cm Semen:70% - Teeth: 0

SIRE: Billabong Riley

DAM: Bryvonlea Tippy another Billabong Jackson out of Traveston Park Gladys going back to Jasanda lines. Tippy is not yet 5 years old she has produced Noah 08/11 and a retained heifer Tiana 09/12 and is PTIC to calve late Sept.


Bryvonlea Noah

Bryvonlea Noah

Bryvonlea Nandi

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Bryvonlea Nandi (P)
LOT 48

DOB: 7/08/11 (24 mths)

Weight: 704 kgs Avg Daily Weight Gain .89 kg/day
EMA:124 - P8: 18 - RIB: 15
Scrotal Circ: 36cm Semen:75 % - Teeth: 0

SIRE: Glenlands D Jet Set Son of the great Swan Horsham he is a well muscled bull with great length and bone. He had an impressive EMA of 136 at the age of 20 months. He is a very well natured bull. 9 Sons have sold at Rockhampton National to average $5666.00 topping at $11000. Bryvonlea Jupiter son of Jet Set topped the 2010 Droughtmaster section of the Feb All Breeds Sale selling to the Dahl Family for $6000 on a difficult market. Overall sales 35 sons to date have averaged $5015.00.
Sire of the Grand Champion Droughtmaster Female at the 2010 Brisbane EKKA, Bryvonlea Princess Mary, his female progeny have won many broad ribbons and topped the Cream of the Crop Female Sale at $6000.

DAM: Bryvonlea Lana by Jasanda Juilian out of Jasanda Miss Jane Lana is just 10 years she has produced 9 calves, this cow is extremely fertile. 02/06, 01/07, 12/07, 10/08, 08/09, 09/10, 08/11, 07/12, 07/13. 2 Retained females, 2 sale heifers $1200, $2100, 1 steer, Insight sold D&G Bull Sale $5000, 1 died, Nandi, and bull calf 836.

SOLD $4500
Lockyer Pastoral



Bryvonlea Majid

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Bryvonlea Majid
LOT 49

DOB: 03/06/11 (27mths)

Weight: 685 kgs
EMA: 117 - P8: 14 - RIB: 10
Scrotal Circ: 34cm Semen:75 %
Teeth: 0

SIRE:Billabong Riley

DAM: Bryvonlea Grace is a 10 year old daughter of Billabong Jackson she has had 8 calves 01/06, 02/07, 02/08, 04/09, 05/10, 06/11, 05/12, 06/13. 3 Retained heifers, Gracella sold DN Female 09 $3500, Jeffrey sold to M Bardon $5000, Kramer sold DN> 11 for $6000 to S Apel, bull calf 940 at foot and Majid.


SOLD $5000




Vale View Ripper
Vale View Ripper

Billabong Riley
Billabong Riley


Mustering 2011

Our stock are handled by Bike, ATV, Dogs, on foot, limited exposure to horse.

Weaners spend around 6 weeks at home with training through the yards and with the dog befor going out onto the Glastonbury Hills to grow out. The only assistance during this time is a dry lick through winter if required.

Prepared for sale on improved pasture with the assistance of Riverina Feed Supplement.

They have been vaccinated for 3 Germ, Tick Fever, 7 in 1, 3 Day Fever



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