Cream Of the Crop Female Sale

Coolabunia Saleyards, Kingaroy

Saturday 28th November, 2015

6 Unjoined Females

Lots 19 to 24

Sires: Vale View Ripper (3) Billabong Vermouth (2) Bryvonlea Nash (1)


Bryvonlea Faith 2
Bryvonlea Faith 2

Sold to Ruyi Pastoral $2000

Bryvonlea Faith 2 (P)
Lot 19
DOB 14/06/14 - 17mths

SIRE: Billabong Vermouth - A very long sleek coated, polled sire used lightly in the herd

Billabong Vermouth Page

on Billabong Vermouth

DAM: Bryvonlea Faithful 478 a daughter of Glenlands D Jet Set and Bryvonlea Faith going back to Yackatoon Faith who produced the $15,000 sire Bryvonlea Faithful.

Bryvolea Faithful 478 is 6 years old she is a very consistent and quality breeding female. She has had 4 calves, 15/05/12 Steer, 24/05/13 Bryvonlea Oistin (sold for $10,000 to Cox Pastoral @ DN 2015), 14/06/14 Faith 2, 25/04/15 another female calf at foot.


More Info on the Faith Family
The Faith Family Page

Bryvonlea Demetrias
Bryvonlea Demetrias (on left)

Sold to P & L Laycock $2750

Bryvonlea Demetrias (P)
LOT 20
DOB: 07/02/14 - Age 21mths

SIRE: Vale View Ripper Excellent Temperament showing in his progeny along with beautiful polled heads and carcase traits. His overall length, stature, beautiful skin type and sire appeal set him apart. Ripper's first offering of females at the 2013 DN. Female Sale broke the record books with Jemma 2 selling to P Richardson for $18000 as well as the entire team for a record average of $12000. Rippers first 6 sons sold in 2013 topped at $10,000 and averaged $5750. At the DN Bull sale 2014, his son Bryvonlea Nimrod topped our draft selling to Hamadra Droughtmasters for $17000. 2015 DN sale Bryvonlea Oxford another Rip Son sold to Almafi for $10000. Semen has sold at auction for $285 per straw. A very consistent sire producing quality, well sought after progeny.

Vale View Ripper Information
Vale View Ripper Page Click Here

DAM: Bryvonlea Demetry - 4 years old Demetrias is her first calf 7/02/14 and is heavy in calf again. She was kept back for the new bull and for seasonal calving. Demetry is a daughter of Billabong Riley and the very fertile dam Bryvonlea Dee Dee.

Pedigree Link
Pedigree Link Click Here

Bryvonlea O'Rylin
Bryvonlea O'Rylin

Bryvonlea O'Rylin (P)
Lot 21
DOB: 20/06/14 - Age 17 mths

SIRE: Vale View Ripper

DAM: Bryvonlea O'Rylee is a daughter of Billabong Riley and Genlands D 67. O'Rylee is 6 years old she has had 4 calves, 27/05/12 Olivia, 12/07/13 Oriole, 20/06/14 O'Rylin and 14/05/15 Male calf.






Bryvonlea Winnie (P)
Lot 22
DOB 09/05/14 - Age 18mths

SIRE: Vale View Ripper

DAM: Bryvonlea Willow - The daughter of Billabong Riley and Pine Valley 2459. Willow is just 5 years old she has had 3 calves, 15/06/13 Whitney sold to C Henness, 9/05/14 Winnie, 6/04/15 male calf at foot.

Pedigree Link

Bryvonlea Pippin

Bryvonlea Pippin


Bryvonlea Pippin (S)
Lot 23
DOB: 26/07/14 - Age 16 mths

SIRE: Billabong Vermouth

DAM: Bryvonlea Pippa - A 6 year old Wingfield rocket daughter out of Bryvonlea Pepsie. She has had 4 calves 185/08/11 Bryvonlea Pippey (Retained F), 24/08/12 Pipar (F) (Retained), 6/09/13 (F) sold Cream of the Crop 2014 to W Avis for $1500. 26/07/14 Pippin, 23/06/15 Female calf by Medway Qzac.

Bryvonlea Pippey
Bryvonlea Pippey
Maternal Sister
heavily pregnant

Bryvonlea Halla

Bryvonlea Halla
Bryvonlea Haley
Bryvonlea Haley

Bryvonlea Halla (P)
Lot 24
DOB 30/10/14

SIRE: Bryvonlea Nash is a Billabong Riley sold out of the Glenlands D Jet Set dam Bryvonlea Portia. He was selected for his breed character bone and skin to join a select group of heifers prior to his sale at the DN Bull Sale.

DAM: Bryvonlea Haley 2 - A Vale View Ripper daughter out of Bryvonlea Haley an outstanding Billabong Jackson daughter from Riby Grove Hannah. Halla is Haley first calf.


$5500 equal top price

Bryvonlea Haley
Bryvonlea Haley


Mustering 2011

Our stock are handled by Bike and Dogs, Weaner heifers spend around 6 weeks at home with training through the yards and with the dog befor going out to Jackass Creek @ Kybong to grow out. Prepared for sale on improved pasture with the assistance of Riverina Feed Supplement.They have been vaccinated with
3 Germ, 7 in 1 and Pestigard.
For your assurance all our sale animals are tested for Pestivirus
with 100% negative PI results returned in all our years of testing.


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