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Bryvonlea Volvo
Bryvonlea Volvo
Sire: Yaralla Stanford
Dam: Bryvonlea Maymie
DOB: 5/11/19
Grand Champion Mary Valley 2020 (Judge John Mercer)
Grand Champion Goomeri (Judge Simon Kimbacher)

2020 Sire Shootout
Bryvonlea Thor Placed 3rd in the Bos Indicus Class
Judge Brett Nobbs
Placed in the top 6 of the Interbreed Class and Peoples Choice

Bryvonlea Thor

Bryvonlea Thor
For Sale DN. Bull Sale 2020

2020 Gatton Futurity
Bryvonlea Uzziah
Bryvonlea Uzziah
Placed 2nd in class
Sire: Skye Wilfred / Dam: Haigslea Fleur
Bryvonlea Usman
Bryvonlea Usman
Placed 2nd in class
Sire: Skye Wilfred / Dam: Bryvonlea Molly

Thank you to Leegra Fitting
Les and Leanne Lee and Amanda

2020 Bell Show
Bryvonlea Jamia
Bryvonlea Jamia
Sire: Billabong Fergus / Dam: Bryvonlea Jamila
2020 Bell Show
Junior Champion and Grand Champion DM Female

Bryvonlea Uzziah
Bryvonlea Uzziah
Sire: Skye Wilfred
Dam: Haigslea Fleur
2020 Bell Show
Reserve Junior Champion Bull


2018 Gympie Show
Bryvonlea Philipa
Bryvonlea Philipa
Junior Champion Droughtmaster Female
Interbreed Junior Champion Female
Sire: Skye Wilfred - Dam: Bryvonlea Pipar

Beef 2018

Will update when I find the results

2018 Gatton Futurity
*Class 6 - Bulls 18 mths & under 20mths (12 competitors)
Bryvonlea Swanson placed 2nd
*Class 11 - Heifers
16mths & under 18mths (20 competitors)
Bryvonlea Philipa placed 1st

Gympie Feature Show
*Bull 9mths & under 12 mths
Bryvonlea Swanson place 2nd (17 competitors)
Sire: Medway Urie - Dam: Bryvonlea Swan 2
*Female 9 mths & under 12 mths
Bryvonlea Gena 2 placed 2nd (11 in class)
Sire: Skye Wilfred - Dam: Bryvonlea Gena
*Female 12 mths & under 15 mths
Bryvonlea Princess May placed 1st in class of 10
*Calf Champion Female
Bryvonlea Princess May
Sire: Skye Wilfred - Dam: Bryvonlea Princess Maya
*Bull 17mths & Under 19 mths
Bryvonlea Reuben placed 1st
Sire: Skye Wilfred - Dam: Bryvonlea Gratzia
Bryvonlea Royal Sky placed 4th
Sire: Skye Wilfred - Dam: Bryvonlea Princess Mary Elizabeth
*Female 16 & under 17mths
Bryvonlea Suzie placed 5th
Sire: Skye Wilfred - Dam: Bryvonlea Susanne
*Female 19 mths & under 21 mths
Bryvonlea Swan 2 placed 1st
Junior Reserve Champion Female - Bryvonlea Swan 2
Sire: Skye Wilfred - Dam: Bryvonlea Swan
* Breeders Group 3rd
Pair of Bulls 3rd
Pair of Females 2nd
Sire's Progeny 2nd

Gatton Futurity 2017
*Class 5 - Bull 16 mths & under 18 mths
Bryvonlea Royal Sky placed 2nd (17 competitors)
Sire: Skye Wilfred - Dam: Bryvonlea Princess Mary Elizabeth
*Class 10 - Heifers 13 mths & Under 16mths
Bryvonlea Suzie placed 3rd (20 competitors)
Sire: Skye Wilfred - Bryvonlea Susanne
*Class 12 - Heifers 18 mths & Under 20 mths
Bryvonlea Swan 2 placed 3rd (10 competitors)
Sire: Skye Wilfred - Dam: Bryvonlea Swan

Gympie Show

Gatton Futurity
Bryvonlea Richie

Bryvonlea JBH Richie
Sire: Skye Wilfred
Dam: Bryvonlea Lollypop 2
Placed 1st in Class Bull under 7 mths

Heifer under 7 mths
Bryvonlea Swan 2 placed 5th
Sire: Skye Wilfred
Dam: Bryvonlea Swan

Heifer 9mths and under 13 months
Bryvonlea Danni 2 placed 3rd
Sire: Medway Qzac
Dam: Bryvonlea Danni

Bryvonlea Haley 3 placed 5th
Sire: Vale View Ripper
Dam: Bryvonlea Haley

Heifer 16 mths and under 18 mths
Bryvonlea Susetta placed 4th
Sire: Vale View Ripper
Dam: Bryvonlea Susanne

Mary Valley Show 2013

Bryvonlea Nehemiah

Bryvonlea Nehemiah Champion Tropical Breed
(Nehemiah topped the Final D&G Sth Burnett Bull Sale
Sold to Stewart Valley $10000)
Bull Under 12mth - Bryvonlea Orrin (Bryvonlea Lance/Billabong Norina)
Heifer Under 12mths - Bryvonlea Susette (VV Ripper/Bryvonlea Susanne)
Congratulations to the Mary Valley Society
we enjoyed our day out
Our junior team of recently weaned calves behaved beautifully
A great beginners show, safe and well run
Thank you everyone involved

Gatton Futurity 2013 Results
*Bull 9 mths & Under 13mths
3rd Bryvonlea Norris
*Bull 13mths & Under 16mths
4th Bryvonlea Nickson
*Heifer 9Mths & Under 13mths
2nd Bryvonlea Fancy Lovelace
*Heifer 16mths & Under 18mths
1st Bryvonlea Jemma 2
*Heifer 18mths & Under 20mths
1st Bryvonlea Janalie

*Bryvonlea Jemma Reserve Champion Female
Bryvonlea Jemma 2


Gympie Show 2012
Bryvonlea Malachi - Junior & Grand Champion Droughtmaster Bull
Bryvonlea Malachi - Champion Junior Interbreed Bull

Bryvonlea Morella (Female 12 & under 15 mths) 1st
Bryvonlea Danielle 2 - Reserve Junior Champion Female
Bryvonlea Fancy Amali - Placed 2nd
Exhibitors Group - 2nd

Bryvonlea Malachi
Bryvonlea Malachi
Sire: Mungalla Tyrell
Dam: Bryvonlea Susanne

Bryvonlea Morella
Bryvonlea Morella - Placed 1st Gympie Show 2012
Female 12 & Under 15 mths
Sire: Billabong Riley
Dam: Bryvonlea Molly (Billabong Jackson/Calioran Molly

Beef 2012
Bryvonlea Malachi placed 2nd

Grand Champion Exhibit
Gatton Futurity 2012

Bryvonlea Malachi
Bryvonlea Malachi


Reserve Champion Heifer
Gympie Show 2011

Bryvonlea Princess Marianne
also placed 3rd at Roma Feature Show
Bryvonlea Princess Marianne



Bryvonlea Princess Mary with Princess Marianne at foot
Bryvonlea Princess Mary



Senior Champion Bull: Bryvonlea Joker

Bryvonlea Joker

Joshua Heck Judged the Led Steer Competition
2010 Gympie Show
Josh Heck


Reserve Senior Champion Bull: Bryvonlea Joker
Reserve Senior Champion Cow & Calf: Bryvonlea Princess Mary
Reserve Junior Champion Bull: Bryvonlea Levi
Champion Tropical Interbreed Breeders Group

Congratulations to Yvonne Gill and daughter Paula of Araketa Stud, Blanchview, winners of Grand Champion Droughtmaster Female at the Toowoomba Royal Show with Araketa Cleo sired by Bryvonlea Elisha.



Junior Champion Bull: Bryvonlea Joker
Junior Champion Female: Bryvonlea Natala


Junior Champion Female: Bryvonlea Natala
Reserve Junior Champion Female: Bryvonlea Fancy Star

Bryvonlea show cattle at 3-4 major local shows each year and the Beef Expo in Rockhampton.
Major Results prior to 2009 have been Supreme Exhibit at Gatton Futurity, Grand Champion Exhibit at the Gympie Feature Show, most of the Group Exhibits and 1st and placings at the Nanango Feature Show, 1st and other placings at the Brisbane Royal Show, Supreme exhibit at the Woodford Show, 1st and Reserve Senior Champion Bull at Beef 2006.



Group winners Gympie Show 2008

Heck He's Good

Bryvonlea Heck-He's-Good Gympie 2008 1st place


Heck Hes Good

Heck He's Good with Josh Heck at the Brisbane National Exhibition 2007 1st place.


Bryvonlea Fitler
Bryvonlea Fitler
Beef 2006 : Reserve Snr Champion Bull
Gympie Feature Show : Supreme Droughtmaster Exhibit

The Champions Trophy
Bryvonlea Fitler


Bryvonlea Galahad (pic below)
2006 / 2007
Gatton Futurity - Reserve Champion Bull
Beef 2006 - 2nd in class
Gympie Feature - Unplaced
RNA Brisbane 2006 - 2nd in class
RNA Brisbane 2007 - 4th in class and in Breeders Group

Bryvonlea Galahad

2004 / 2005

Bryvonlea Emperor

Gympie Show - 2nd Place
Toogoolawah Feature Show - 3rd Place & 2nd in Pair of Bulls
Woodford - Reserve Jnr Champion
RNA Brisbane - 1st in class

Nanango DM Feature Show - 2nd in class -1st in Pair of Bulls 1st in Breeders Group
1st in Exhibitors Group & 1st Dam's and Sire's Progeny.
Judge G Hoff remarked on Groups as one of the best group of beef cattle for Australian Commercial conditions that he had had the opportunity to judge.


Beef 2006 - 4th in Class
Gympie Feature Show - 1st in Class

Bryvonlea Cavalier

2002 / 2003
Kilcoy Show - Grand Champion Droughtmaster Bull
Gympie Show - 4th
Maryborough Show - 3rd
Beef 2003 - 3rd in class 21mths & under 24 mths
Gympie Show 2003 - 3rd
Malaney DM Feature Show - 1st
Woodford Show - Snr Champion Bull





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